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“Their reality is completely different than mine.”


running for the Ohio Court of Appeals in the 1st District


So this is a picture of all of the nieces and nephews and my kids together that live here in Cincinnati. In the upper left corner in the red shirt, that's my nephew Gabriel. Gabe will be 18 next week. He just graduated from high school, very proud of him. And then in his lap is my four year old son, Finley; sitting next to them in the white shirt that is my nephew, Noah. And then next to him is my nephew Ahmad. Ahmad is the oldest of all of the grandkids. And then the little guy in the orange, that is my younger son, Oscar. He is two and then there's me next to them and then at the bottom and the left is Joey. He's my 14-year-old nephew. And then the sole girl of all the grandchildren is Sophia, and Sophia is 13. She'll be 14 in September.

When Ahmad was a baby, I worked second shift, it was right after I graduated from college. I worked second shift, his mom first shift. So I took care of him all day, every day and then dropped him off at his grandmother's before I left. So my sister’s three boys are biracial, their father is African American. Having Ahmad with me everywhere I went—whether the grocery store or the mall or wherever it is that I went during the day—opened my eyes up to some real ugliness, frankly. There were people who would see what they thought was a mom with a baby and at first smile. And then if they saw him there, there would be nasty looks.

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“My parents taught me from a really young age to fight for fairness, and I did that.”


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