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Think about it. The power of a single picture. A single scene captured from a single vantage point. It can stop us in our tracks. Spark forgotten memories. Unleash emotions. And it can shape our perception of history.

I’m Elissa Yancey, and I’m proud to welcome you to A Picture’s Worth and our first project. Running for our Future. In each episode, we’ll tell the stories behind images supplied by a woman who is living in America’s heartland . . . and who, in this historic year filled with more female candidates than ever before, is also running for office.

We’ve been working for more than a year on this project, learning and gathering stories about pictures they have had tucked away in photo albums, displayed on mantlepieces and stored on smartphones. The stories you hear may surprise you. And inspire you. And, even though they are non-political by design, these images and the narratives behind them help illuminate some of the many reasons women choose to run for office in the first place.

Welcome to a fresh approach to adding women’s stories to the pages of history — by sharing their Picture’s Worth with you, and with the world.

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