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“There’s a huge difference. And yet it’s all one family.”


running for US Representative for Ohio in the 2nd District


So we are looking at a picture of my family at the Wildwood boardwalk in ‘80 or ‘81. And we've got my cousin Elizabeth dressed like a disco king. My Grandma Bernice, Grandpa Ed, their oldest daughter, my cousin Anne Marie, my other grandma, Marie, and my other Grandpa, Lefty. And that's my dad. That's me. And that's my sister Carolyn. This is interesting because we have both sets of grandparents at the same time, so we must have been staying at The Armada which was our Wildwood boardwalk hotel. Very fancy. And my other grandparents lived down the shore. Elizabeth and Emery were cousin best friends because we are basically the same age. Wildwood is in southern New Jersey, right near Cape May.

We would spend a ton of time in the summer down the shore. It's only two hours away from Philly, which is where I grew up. And so this was a pretty normal summer night. It looks like it was kind of cold because people are wearing jackets. You don't get to see that anymore in the summer. You'd go down and you ride the rides and grab a slice at Max Pizza, stay up really late, go home, stay up later because we would all be up in my Grandma Bernice, Grandpa Ed's attic, which was the guest room, and they had like five or six twin beds stuffed up there. So it was pretty much no holds barred.The entry to that bedroom was one of the pull-down ladders, so you just screamed down the ladder for whatever you needed from downstairs.

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“…these differences are important and they should be celebrated…”


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