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“That camp shaped me for being a team player and a leader.”


running for reelection to the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas


We’re looking at a, a polaroid. I can't believe this is still alive. So that's my mom and this is a friend from camp. I went to a camp and in Virginia every summer for about six or seven years. And that's me. They make you wear what they call whites when you have the horse show. At that time we didn't care, we’d take collared shirts—what do you call those sport shirts? like a golf shirts—and put ties on them. That's my little brother Paul. I was probably 11 years old in that picture, and my brother would have been seven, and my mom would have been in her mid-30s. What I loved about this picture when I saw it is it's one of the happiest, nicest photos I have of my mother.

So this was our horse show. We would have a horse show at the end of every summer. They had judges. That's a second place ribbon.

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“It taught me how to be on a team.”


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