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“We’ve all kind of held each other’s hands over the years.”


running for reelection to the Court of Common Pleas


What you’re looking at is when Ellen decided that we should do a mudathon, and so she called me and said she had enrolled in this mudathon and so I said okay, what the heck? Might as well enjoy something else. So I met Ellen and her friend Lori and then we went and did the motor. We did not finish very well, but we went through it and we had a really good time and this is what we looked like at the end of it.

It's a obstacle race. They have mud water, for mud piles and they have things you have to climb over and big pits that you have to go through that are full of mud, and it's ridiculous. And then there's parts where you have to crawl. It's kind of like a military thing where you crawl under wires and things through the mud and you're supposed to run between the obstacles. We kind of walked fast. I mean I was 55 and Ellen's five years older than me, so she's 60. So we went through it and it was a lot of fun. So that's a mudathon. Of course there were all these young guys, you know, jacked up. They passed us a lot, but it was, it was ridiculous fun.

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“These friendships have been really, really important to make, keep you grounded.”


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