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“I'm really proud to be able to be the pioneer.”


running for Franklin County Commissioner


We are looking at a picture of a groundbreaking for the Cargo-miniums project. Cargo-miniums is Ohio's first and the nation's largest shipping container apartment complex that is an affordable-housing solution to the affordability crisis in Ohio. This picture represents this solution that we were able to develop by using shipping containers as an affordable building block for housing. The Cargo-miniums is a 25-unit apartment building made out of 50 shipping containers, and will be two-bedrooms, one bathroom, 640 square feet. The rents will truly be within the 30 percent of their income.

Affordable housing developers have been using the tax credits as a solution to build affordably, so that's been the response of going to government organizations to help subsidize the development. However, we're seeing that with a scarcity of resources, government organizations don't always have enough resources to give out tax credits to build enough inventory to help solve this problem. So we're looking at the engineering side. We're looking out of the box in terms of being able to build more affordably.

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“…the way that we are applying it to address affordable housing…”


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