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“As women we have to feed each other.”


running for Hamilton County Auditor


This was a picture of an excellent morning when I was invited to come down to Channel 19. It was a big combination of things I do. The reason that I was on Channel 19 that morning, talking about my product and actually I was actually frosting carrot cakes on air, was as a company we were involved in a big City Gospel Mission fundraiser. And it was really part of how I got involved in this business in the first place--I did sort of an analysis of what do I like to do, what am I good at, what's my next step in life?

One of the things that kept coming to me was I love to feed people; I like to make people happy with food. I love to experiment with recipes, love to entertain. And so then I kinda started thinking, “Well, gosh, you know, I have this amazing carrot cake that is to die for and everybody always wants it, and I have this corporate marketing and sales background and branding. What if I were to brand and market and sell my cakes and give them a personality and really play off the brand. And so that's how the Nancakes brand was, was born.

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“We want them to try and in a way where they’re most likely to succeed.”


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