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“We care and therefore we pay attention and we act.”


running for Ohio State Senate in the 7th District


So we're looking at a picture of my older son, Austin, who was a little over five years old. I'm in my bedroom looking down on his brother who is just born, who's probably two weeks old and laying in my bed and I’m kneeling down. And I took a picture of the two of them, and it's just a photo of Austin with his hands on his cheeks just looking down lovingly at his baby brother. And you can see in the background, my son’s crib, and next to our bed because he was still a newborn. And you can see pampers, diapers on the nightstand and a pacifier and other things that I needed for him while he was sleeping next to me.

Austin was recently diagnosed with a developmental disability called fragile x syndrome. And his brother was born and we learned that he too had the same developmental disability. I remember my own worries and my own fears and I was thinking about the future. I was asking myself, “How am I gonna do this?” and, “How am I gonna do this not only for me, but how am I gonna try to make things better for them?”

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“When you have a challenge, sometimes you come up with a very creative way of solving problems, a very different way of solving problems.”


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