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“He wanted me to be tenacious.”


running for Covington City Commission


This is me in a soccer jersey. And that's my dad and his cool hat. I grew up playing soccer and that's what got me into college and everything else. My father would take me to practice three times a week in Louisville, which was about an hour drive there, hour drive back, two hours at practice, and then we would travel around the country for tournaments, and that's how I ended up getting my scholarship.

I've played professionally, overseas, collegiately, top level here. I dealt with a lot of individuals from different cultures and backgrounds and viewpoints, and I've played soccer around the world and dealt with the same. Being able to find common ground with people with something that I'm very good at and helping other people see that common ground and you start there, and work out.

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“And I was very thankful and blessed to have so much support.”


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