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“This is where I am meant to be to help others.”



running for Hamilton County Commissioner


This picture is when I was in kindergarten. It was around the holidays and the teacher asked the whole class to take a moment to think about what you would want for Christmas. And so everybody was so excited about it, and they went around the entire room, and I indicated that for me, what I would want for Christmas is for all the children in the world to have a toy. And so I ultimately won the prize because I was the only child in the classroom that said something that they wanted something other than for themselves. And the teacher thought it was awesome and I won the grand prize, which was a Cootie game.

Oh, I remember being so proud of it. And for a little while I didn't even open it because it was just so important to me, and it was just so awesome that I received it for that purpose. My parents were also extremely proud, and so we did open it and play with it as a family and had a great time. And I think that's part of the foundation of who I am today.

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“…I think that’s part of the foundation of who I am today.”


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